Duo App Developed by Google availble for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC and MAC

Posts made in March, 2019

How to fix Google Duo Not Working issues (Possible Solutions)

Google Duo is undoubtedly the best video calling app to chat in real-time with anyone any time. It works out of the box as it is optimized for low bandwidth networks and thereby lets you chat with your favourite people. It is a video chat app that is known for the highest quality video calls. In other works, it has made video calling more reliable than ever. You...

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Google Duo for Android TV – Make Video Calls from Smart TV

The usage of the video calling apps has grown into a large number and Google Duo has gained an irreplaceable place. It is due to the quality of the video calls it is offering its users. Although Google Duo for Android TV isn’t made available, you can still use this video chat app on your device by using the Play Store. You can easily get connected with your...

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Download Google Duo for Jio Phone – Make Free Video Calling

Google Duo for Jio Phone: Besides getting unlimited internet, you can now use Jio phone to communicate with others over a video call. With the Google Duo for Jio Phone, you can easily chat with your friends and family at any time with ease. Although, Duo app isn’t officially released for the Jio phone, you can still use it to instantly get connected with your...

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Google Duo for Chromebook – How to use Google Duo on Chrome OS

Chatting features are improvising every now and then, and out of which the video calling option is the most widely used feature. Google Duo is the real video chat app that has been developed ultimately for video calling. With the highest video calling rates, it has been the choice of millions. You can choose Google Duo for Chromebook to make high-quality calls from...

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Google Duo for Linux/ Ubuntu Free Download

Google Duo for Linux/ Ubuntu: Video chat apps have overtaken the instant messaging apps as it has made chatting over video calls. Google Duo is one amongst the huge list of video chat apps that have made video calling a reliable thing. Despite being available as the Android and iOS app, you can even download Google Duo for Linux/ Ubuntu PC. With the help of an...

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